Benedict’s Market work specification during the national quarantine

Dear customers, due to the declaration of a national quarantine in Lithuania we want to notify you about the specifics of Benedict’s Market opening times during these uneasy times.


Starting from March 17th, the Market will be changing it’s opening hours:

Monday to Saturday – 10 am to 7 pm

Sunday – 10 am to 5 pm


Following the directions of our government, eating inside the Market is strictly prohibited. You can come and shop freely, while our partnered restaurants can offer Take away options only – you can either order food home using Bolt Food, Wolt or Lekste.lt or call our partners and collect your orders next to the counter of the restaurants:

BURGER STREET – +37064594109
PIZZA DEL GATTO – +37060046424
EAT MORE CHINESE – +37060090931
COM VIET – +37064726198
PIESTRO – +37061618444
MAMOS BARŠČIAI – +37060165545
Mekan Döner Kebab – 867848668
Sushi out –  868808882


Even though the market is freely open for public, we strongly advice you to use all the necessary measures to stay safe and healthy. Hand sanitizer and disposable gloves are available for use next to all of the entry doors, also, we would strongly recommend using your credit or debit cards to pay for goods, as the option to pay by card is available in every store of Benedict’s Market.


Take care of yourself and those around you and Benedict’s Market promises you to come back with all the events once the threat of Corona Virus is over.