Sweets and pastry

Senoji desertinė

“Senoji desertinė” is a place where special childhood desserts are born. Rasa, dessert creator who has been creating sweet miracles for more than a decade, says that their goal is to produce good, real and time-tested delicacies. The ones she remembers from childhood. Less sugar, a bright taste of the natural product and high-quality ingredients from farmers – these are the delicacies created by this team. Desserts are baked here according to traditional recipes, which Rasa herself and her helpers discover not only from the old recipe books, but also by writing down the stories of the people from the old villages. Authenticity and classics intertwine here with modern needs, so in the “Senoji desertinė” store you will discover both well-known desserts that have stood the test of time and also the exciting news. Dessert makers consider the cake, which has become a real city legend and has become a real berry-flavored cake, with the witty name of “Better than Napoleon”. Have you tasted it yet?