Mėsos brolių bistro

The right pork, mouth-watering beef and a real distant-American-inspired barbecue taste! The truest meat lovers and experts Mėsos broliai live with this slogan. “In Lithuania, barbecue culture is rapidly gaining popularity, interest in barbecue products is growing strongly, and the horizons of meat lovers are expanding,” says Eimantas, the store’s manager. Mėsos broliai rush to the aid of anyone who wants to try the taste of fried ribs, everyone’s favourite burgers or juicy chicken, in addition to traditional barbecue dishes. Visit Mėsos broliai store in Benedict’s Market to find not only fresh but also marinated or ready-to-eat meat from local farms. The ones looking for more exotic taste will be able to try beef specially bred in Uruguay. We will reveal the secret: in the near future the range of the store will expand greatly, so wait for the delicious news!