Matjes silkė

Inspired by Dutch traditions and Scandinavian experiences, Tomas the founder of the food van Königsmatjes – Royal Matjes Herring, can talk about herring for hours. It makes sense as it is a story about the icy waters of the North Sea, fish caught in harsh weather and special Dutch traditions.

Tom started his professional acquaintance with fish exactly twenty years ago, so today he is the truest fish expert. The famous Matjes herring offered to customers is a fatty, low-salt fish caught before spawning, which contains neither preservatives nor dyes.

Every piece of fish on the counter is touched by human hands – all the fish are cleaned by hand, showing the special attention of this team to the details. “I was born and raised in Dzūkija by the lakes. My grandparents and uncles were fishermen, so fishing and fish have been very close to me since childhood” Tomas recalls.

In order to bring not only a quality product to our country, but also a Dutch eating culture, the Matjes herring team sells its products in a charming van reminiscent of the Netherlands.