Kaukazo skanėstai

Traveling to the Middle East has never been so easy – the store “Kaukazo skanėstai” located in Benedict’s Market will allow you to travel to the most amazing places in the region with its exotic flavors. Lithuanian Danielius, who founded the store six years ago, and his friend Armenian say that this place was born of nostalgia for the tastes of childhood. “Our sweets are prepared according to the Armenian recipe of a friend’s mother. He and his family ate such sweets all his childhood “- Danielius begins his nostalgic story. It turns out that Caucasian flavors are very close to Lithuanians – everyone just grabs these delicacies, and the most popular product of the store is a delicacy created from natural nuts and dried juices. Inside the Caucasian sweets, according to all traditions, hides nuts and dried fruits. On top of a string, these ingredients are soaked in fresh fruit juice syrup until it’s covered in a bright and sweet bed and then left to dry. At every step of making this dessert, a great deal of handiwork – from the careful selection of products to the end result – is all created by human hands. In the Kaukazo skanėstai store, fans of the Middle East will find not only desserts, but also other products that have become the business card of the region – from mineral water to dried fruits, Armenian cheeses or beef.