Meat, Sweets, gourmet, dairy products

Ilzenbergo dvaras ir ūkis

Ilzenbergo Dvaras ir Ūkis is the handmade food, made with devotion and love. The products are grown without artificial fertilizers or other additives, thus, they are real and produce only the best energy. Ilzenbergo Dvaras ir Ūkis offers a wide range of food products: various types of bread made from naturally fermented grains and natural yeast, local poultry and eggs, meat from cattle reared on organic pasture, milk and its products, apples, pears, plums, cherries, currants and raspberries from replanted garden with centuries-old traditions, vegetables and herbs grown in greenhouses and gardens since the early spring, and others. It is a farm, that works in harmony with nature and is based on principles of natural agriculture, pursuing long-term goals and cherishing the farming aura that has been developing for centuries.