Buona pasta

A handmade pasta shop and restaurant in one Buona Pasta is an Italian dream of Jelena and Oleg, wife and husband. After the trips to Italy, the couple was impressed by the rich cuisine of this country and have decided to bring a small part of  it back home. They learned the secrets of the kitchen from Angelo, a chef of a small restaurant. Pasta with spinach, beets or even buckwheat, pasta without gluten, pasta with oatmeal or whole grain flour – you will be really surprised once you’re here! When visiting Buona Pasta, you will find not only ready-made fresh pasta, but also beef, chicken or even duck ragù, meatballs, bolognese, carbonara and many other pearls of Italian cuisine. Plus, all the ingredients here come straight from Italy. This is a real Italian fiesta right next to you!

Phone for inquiries – +37067708878