BlueFish is a new place in Benedict’s Market, where sworn fish lovers will find a very wide range of fresh fish and seafood. The uniqueness of BlueFish is its special attention and focus on the product. The founder of the store, Aly, did his best to make every piece of fish and other seafood on the market as fresh as possible. Just listen: fresh fish shipment travels on the plane in the early morning to delight the customers here in the afternoon at Benedict’s Market! The short travel time of the fish sets BlueFish apart from others and thus ensures exceptional quality. The founder of the store Aly came to Lithuania following his love. The Egyptian, who married a Lithuanian, lived in distant Dubai for a long time, where he could enjoy enviably fresh seafood every day. Today, he transferred his experience and knowledge to Lithuania, where he and his wife Rasa and daughter Amelia offer Lithuanians the highest quality products at a friendly price. In the shop you will find Lithuanian favorite salmon, cod, wolffish, dorado, tuna, Matjes herring and many fresh exotic products like red horn, red sea urchin, swordfish, scallops from the USA, Canadian lobster, crabs and more! Look for blue fish and enjoy the flavors of the oceans!